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Operation Underground Assault


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I wanted to post what I've been working on these past few weeks, but it i wasn't happy with current progress, and then finally tonight it all clicked. Before I go pass out, i wanted to show some screenshots from the SWAT4 level im working on. Thanks to Ivalice for introducing me to the game :D

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thanks guys :), a pimp to the mapcore on the wall if u caught it ;)

rockdude86: maybe after its finished i'll port it to HL2, if someone can show me.

DaanO: I have a lot of reference pics, but its hard to judge distance in pictures. They all seemed cramped, but since I have no subway in my area, i couldn't go see them for myself. I'll push it back a bit.

Dark: Yep, unreal 2.5 engine with normal mapping turned on, and alot of the cool epic stuff turned off :(

More to come. thx. Lee

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thanks for the support guys :D.

generalvivi: the halogen lights were in the game, but I created the new ones for the train.

Tonights updates: Redid the subwayCar's lights. added poles for holding onto, redid the ads on the ceiling.

Tormorow: add graffiti back onto the inside of the train and on the windows. start working on the other platform, link the 2 together.

I'm shooting for a March 20th release :D

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