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0x222362ad ERROR when starting CSS + other errors


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I just reinstalled steam and everything with it, because steam gave me alot of errors lately (wich is no news for me, reallly). When I wanted to run my new map, I got the following error: 'STEAM VALIDATION REJECTED'. OMGWTF!?

Right, so I looked up what it meant and this was steam's answer: ya, we're familliar whit the bug, but we don't want to spent the 3 minutes to fix it so gtfo k thx bye...

Ok, so after just restarting steam a few times I got this error:


One of the reasons I reinstalled steam was because of this ^ error...

Does anyone have an answer to this? Help will be rewarded with appreciation.


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Aah thx, skdr! :)

I did the following things:

- allowed combined writing

- changed resolution in winxp, plus refreshrates (I was running the monitor on a custom resolution)

- restarted my pc

After this, I had no errors at all. :? I think I may have cleaned out my memorycache or something (I'm no expert on this subject :P)?

Thanks skdr! :)

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Yeah i had the same because i wanted tilde for console and changed the config, you know "bind keyhere" "console".

And i get that error.

I just deleted the config and restarted the game.

Great it work out tomato.

But save that link as you probbaly gonna get this error again.


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