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Trackmania Nations - get your track creation on.


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free download, make your own track and race for the top times against other people on the net. The track editor is simple yet pretty flexible once you grasp all the pieces you have available and how they fit together. It's a pretty good racer to boot, the car physics are more than adequate and the gfx are quite nice if you have a high end nvidia card.

here are the couple of tracks I have stayed up late making the last two nights

cheerio speedway:


http://nations.tm-exchange.com/main.asp ... 37394#auto

froot loops:


http://nations.tm-exchange.com/main.asp ... 35568#auto

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This has been the lunchtime activity for our team's designers for the last few weeks, though I'm sorely behind (I keep letting checking my WoW auctions distract me :P )

Will have to check these out :)

mojo tells me it's the same at gbx.

the vehicle physics seem great to me, but I haven't ever been into gran tourismo or any real racing sim so I don't really have a frame of reference. I don't think realistic physics would work on these kinds of tracks anyway though.

there seems to be two kinds of tracks that people make, insane stunt tracks that are more like a puzzle to figure out how to get through, and real racing tracks where you are fighting to get the best time.

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Looks crazy, and fun.

This is reminds me of stunts. But it looks somewhat better =). Anyone else here who used to build stunts tracks all day in your younger years?

hell yeah! used to do that all the time :D went so crazy on it that my stunts folder was about 5 megs! YEAH freaking 5 megs hahaha

5 megs!? thats insane :D

my folder must have been pretty enourmous too. Remember that speedbug that made your car go insanely fast, and just like that it takes of high as hell up in the sky =). hilarious.

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