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Bunker Scene


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Nice progress ferret! But if you are aiming at making it look real you should smooth out those edges, specially on the roofs. Besides that, the street texture looks a bit too blurry, it'd be neat if you make a high-res street texture with cracks and wet spots :) (also, some specular on the windows and on the pipes wouldn't hurt at all)

Keep it up m8!

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The lighting is very cool, but I'm not sure about that camo-net over the bunker. It's a concrete bunker in the middle of a concrete landscape, so I don't think it would fool any attackers. Also, the outlining rope looks very rigid.

I agree, I couldn't even tell what the black line was until insta brought up "outlining rope". I'd remove the camo netting. You need a few big cylindrical chimneys in the back with black smoke rising up from them (greyish concrete with red stripes on it would be cool)

Looks pretty cool so far, and yeah- smoothen out the roof a bit. A few more subdivisions won't hurt :) GJ

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