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Talking about poker.


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Here's a little warning!

I dunno if any of you really would buy this but just in case.

To start with here's a note from the game:

"Casino Poker offers the ultimate guide to learning the art of playing, and winning, a great hand of poker – all without risking a penny. Start off by learning all the styles of play and probabilities at your own pace and soon you’ll be ready to bluff with the best in any casino in the world."

Now thats just a lie.

There aren't any "best".

Only a female talking as you bet, raise, fold etc.

Then there are some names on the chairs, like Anne and what not.

No one i ever heard of any way.

Also the application doesn't even work.

All of a sudden "Anne" started to raise while the other guy called, that didn't stop Anne, she kept on raising!

The other guy called time after another, finally i had to quit the game to make them stop.

And here's a screenie when i was sure i was going to win easy and went all in.


Now it says i have straight flush and what i know of it beats the hell out of a simple flush.

But the women talking said i loosed and the game just ended, maybe because i was out of money, i don't know.

And here's a picture of the incredible amount of money the other players have:


Looks fair?

In anyway stay way of this crappy game!

Its cheap but hey, stuff should work even if they are cheap, i wouldn't say anything if it was for free and opensource so i could change it maybe.

Here is their homepage and info on the game and stuff:


Don't buy this game!


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