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Hey ginsengavenger:


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Not that amazing, given that I spotted a few other well known names in there ;) Here's lookin' at you, Mino and Mazemaster!

On a different topic, that thread is a great example of how pompous and dismissive some people can be in the modding community. The map wasn't very interesting or impressive but it was a good start, and should have been treated as such. Instead it got a load of off hand remarks and insults. At least Mazemaster stuck up for it. What gloriously useful feedback eh?

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heh, yeah guilty as charged. Most of my behavior on that forum has been pretty unbecoming of a moderator. It's difficult to maintain composure there with the unending torrent of crap posts~ that's not an excuse, just a reason.

I'm glad you've stuck with it and we didn't discourage you :)

ps I'm particularly surprised that all the pictures in that thread are still online, it's good to have the context ^^

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