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VIVI'S BIRTHDAY !!!!! IS TODAY!!!! *rejoices*

General Vivi

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As I promies rap to Generalvivi "Happy Birthday"

Happy birthday to you,

hopes the presents you wished are cleary and true.

How come ya 19? haven't you been at the navy you gonna ned to do?

The dangeours operations,

all the soldier troops foundtations, many of the crew exposing

provocations, working the ass of to the funeral, back without goin on

holiday vacations. So many countries, so many nations.

How the hell is this OK? Like you aint afraid to go in army recording

a new single demo with drey?

Many people say to much, Oh, going to army to eat roots for lunch?

Arriving to Dutch, this and such, liking it or not,

guarding the base on a spot, enemies rushing the territory,

you pickin the sniperrifle or not?, pulling weights, RELOAD,

snort some COKE, aim with the DOT, push off the big trigger,

nigga boom and HEASHOT!, The faggot is now dead, bleeding in red.

Flashbang from the hand to the head. Generalvivi, ranked for the best

reincarnated from the dead, dont test, as the most worst criminal,

all dudes is watching him,

shoots faster then speed of light,

caping a plane rushing a flight,

missiles locked, shoot the blackwahk insight the pocket,

white people burn, falling down the heli turns, arabic boys runs away,

it smashes hard to the ground that day.

Pain, death, ak47 sounds, time to get down, the place is a hellbound.

But I say:

Generalvivi, here acordingly, is your present, the gift from me,

hot pina-colada from the italy.

A hot grilled gorrila in urine on the table, delicate food with

tortilla in wine in a fable.

But now it's time,

for me to unrelease the nuke and lift,

oh shit! too late, forgot to warn the peeps,

I've puke, the whole place is in nervegas,

black smoke out of my ass, green in colour like green summer grass.

Happy birthday, Hopes It's OK.


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