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I was watching some poker on tv 2 weeks ago and saw partypoker.com on the table. So i checked the site, downloaded the poker program, transferred $50 to a bank in Gibraltar (a fiscal paradise) and started playing.


This shot is playmoney btw, not real money. But imagine it was, i would get a $30 pot. Biggest pot i ever won btw was 28$

So far i have $254, not bad for ~10 hours of playing.

If you decide to join as well, some tips from me, a proffessional:

- read a texas hold em page ( like this one for example). You will already have an advantage over 90% of pokerplayers now since they only play on instinct and for fun.

- Dont play on instinct, follow the rules on the page EXACTLY. Dont play with any other hands than those on the page.

- Start at the 15/30 cent table. Ppl there are amateurs and beginners. It is a bit slow to win lots of money there but its fun anyway and you wont loose much either.

- If you join thru me you get a $25 bonus! (If you wanna, post your email adress).

- I dont know why but i received a $20 bonus yesterday. Maybe you will get it too.

- Bet big when there is only you and another person going for the pot. You cant lose more money than you have transferred, so dont be afraid.

- after you keep winning for a while, go to the 0,5/1$ table. Its kinda scary but the pots are from 10-20$

- Dont go to 2/4$ yet untill i judge you ready for it

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my account on partypoker is SKRAELG. =)

My roomate plays at a daily basis, he's doing farily well at the 0,25~0,50 tables. Another friend of mine who spends all his time doing this (currently, i think he's loosing money) is playing on 2~4 tables.

Not under any circumstances shouldnt you (if you are new to this game) play at any other than the lowest tables. If you think thats boring, well, it gets worse when you loose, so dont go over your head.

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I'm hooked on a Finnish online poker place called Paf.fi, I usually play 20-40 euros a month or so, and sometimes I win, got me 400€ couple of months ago.

But you might want to be careful with that, the guy at work who told me about it usually plays like hundreds of euros, he has won alot of money there, but it's risky business when you play with alot of money.

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