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Causality Effect Released A HL2:SP mini-mod


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What if everything that went wrong on "A Red Letter Day" was not caused by what you thought? What if your teleport ripped a hole in space and time? Now you must travel through time to correct the events and set right your past.

Causality Effect

“A Red Letter Day Gone Wrong”

It’s been 4 months or since I started my Single Player mod. So it’s finally done. Well what can I say now…… Hope you enjoy it. I put Easter Eggs in every map and there are four different endings to get by killing different people during the boss fight. There are FPS issue spots and I am sorry for this, but ill admit that unlike other mods out there. Just try to have fun and take your time. No need to rush a great thing. GO PLAY!

Get it here: http://causalityeffect.irswedish.com/downloads.html

Speical Thanks To:

Valve - SDK maps where clearly used in the making of my mini map I.E. the whole start. Plus the engine

and for Gabe for sending me a signed hat :D

http://www.hl2world.com - Everyone in the mapping forum was a great help to me.

Awsome Alex - site and tester

Raminator - mapping help with the 6th map, optimized it to hel

Alex Royce - Testing and helped with stuff

Forte - mirror host

Mido - Help with problems

kabuki - more map help

Bryant "PC3200" Moore - Final Beta stage tester.

XtrmEend - Tester

Pietak - Tester

^ben - Tester

coldcrow - Super Tester

VashTLD - Tester

dvs - Fixed my first map when it broke

jean paul - help with displacements and a ton more

abigserve - beta tester :D

Hyperion2010 - tester with very very usefull help

barneyinblue - mod screen help with my text

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pretty neat, but you should really learn to not punish the player all the time for things he didn't do (ie; all the times in your episode you open a door and BAM a headcrab is in your face). and i can't say i dug re-living the whole intro thing again. btw, i am stuck in the room with the english RPG chap.

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  • 4 weeks later...

...were you high?

What exactly is this meant to mean?

It looked to me like a bunch of shit was just thrown in because it might look cool. There wasn't much diversity in foes, they just traveled in packs and tried to rape me.

I've mapped when I was high, and it does tend to turn out with things like "how about a helicopter here... and 40 headcrabs. Yes, let's do that", which was the vibe I got from this mod.

Very interesting premise, though. A+ on that.

Also, did this lag badly for anyone else, or was that just me?

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