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sunset canyon thing painting


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Again no level or game stuff, sue me :)

I plan to pick up level stuff or so in the next few months again, just had to do some new stuff first now to widen my skills a bit

So after my kitchen rendering I now got a photoshop matte painting like landscape.

First digital painting I ever did

Sky is a little fuxxor or weird at some places. It was the first thing I painted and you can prolly see that...less experience



2 months of and on work

~100 photoshop layers

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very cool :D

I really love the colors

some crits:

-there is some weird foggy edge around the plants, kindoff like the rock detail just stops there

-the lighting is painted abit weird on some stuff, for example the clouds. With this kind of lighting they should really have alot of depth, but i dont really see that here. Thesame thing happens on the rock in the foreground, it's hard to see what kind of geometry it has to have, and doesnt really look much like a rock if you would take the object out of the painting. The lighting on the rocks in the background however, is excellent :)

-I think the colors on the plants should be less green, more dark and reddish with this kind of orange lighting. Especially darker

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