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DODS Axi's new texture


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I agree that it doesn't really look like camo at the moment. The colour spots seem awfully consistant in size and shape, and by having fairly large sections where the spots are the same colour it comes out looking rather like snake skin or something. I've never really had much luck when making any camo in the past either, so I'd be interested in hearing tips too.

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/hides red face in shame. Not much of a historian I'm afraid!

Pretty accurate then, seeing what it is based on. My only gripe now is that you seem to have gone with one base colour and then dotted the various others on top, whereas in the source image the base colour varies more often, with larger patches of one of the colours that then have other colours dotted on top again. For example, the inside of his left arm (ie. the one on the right) has a large area of the lighter brown, dotted with green and darker browns on top.

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