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Bots for Sands of War coming


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Ever wanted to play SoW1 without being able to find someone to play with? Then this is good news for you, bots are underway!

For some weeks the development has been paused due to a nasty bug, but it is progressing nicely again now. Currently we are aiming for a first public beta of the bot to be released in a month or so.

Below are some screenshots of bots playing in game:

3105_1138542145.jpg 5723_1138542145.jpg 2624_1138542145.jpg

We're hiring - BIG TIME!

Do you have skills within the areas of coding, skinning, mapping, texturing, modelling or similar? Would you like to get your work downloaded 20,000 times? Then you should think about joining us on the Sands of War team!

We are a DIRE need of at least 5-10 more developers to help making a kickass game out of Sands of War 2. Do not hesitate to contact us. Head over to our jobs page and read about more about it:


SoW 1.6

Our last installment in the SoW1 series is very close to final now. Several areas of it have been done for many months. The 7th release candidate was release to the testers a little week ago and so far it seems to be quite stable and bug free.

Unless any new serious problems occour doing these last days of testing, SoW 1.6 final will be publically released soon.

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I agree with you and that is also how we are doing it. We are focusing 95% on SoW2 today and as soon as SoW 1.6 is out the one last guy will also move to the SoW2 team. It is impossible for a small mod team like ours to develop two mods at the same time.

The bots are being developed by a 3rd party guy, the author of EPodbot, so we are not using many resources here. We still want to support his great work though:)

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Never played it, what in it is unique?

It's not very unique, the focus for SoW1 and the first release of SoW2 has been on simple action and pure fun. For SoW2 we do have a lot of plans, not totally unique in themself, but innovating in the way we will implent them.

We already started out with having 2 very different gameplay modes in our very first public SoW2 beta. We got both the old SoW classic gameplay along with a new mode called Rally where we combine racing and shooting:)

I'd rather not derail this into another Mods and Professionalism thread but I really really dislike the use of terms like "hiring" and "jobs"--come on, it's a mod. You make it for fun. There is no money involved. Don't be disingenuous.

I agree on that we should be aware of that we are making a mod and we are that. E.g. my position was once called CEO, but that sounded too profesional imo so I changed it to Project Leader:) Furthermore we do not want anyone to believe that any kind of money is involved. At the top of our jobs page we clearly state that it is mod positions and therefore unpayed.

How is SoW going? I played the first Source release, how's it been coming along?

It is coming along as always, but way too slow. Our amount of developers working actively on it is rather low. In our next news post we will tell more about the status of Beta 1.1 and show pictures of the new map SoW2_Abandoned.

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