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High education = Paranormal believer


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Yeah, well I can believe that they might have an open mind on some questions (like if there is life outerspace and such) but paranormal?

Examples of the questions:

"houses can be haunted"

"people on this Earth are sometimes possessed by the devil"


"people can hear from or communicate mentally with someone who has died"

I really don't see how one could believe those even remotely true.

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There are ways they might be true, but probably not the ways in which they are generally thought to be true. Witches, hauntings, possession, and communication beyond the grave can probably be logically explained.

Shoot, most of the time witches were usually people who just poisoned or terrorised others. For a nice psychological scare, they'd say it was magic or the devil. Most hauntings can be explained scientifically. Usually something structurally odd about the house. Possession could be a state of mind or something like a seizure. Communication with the dead? Who knows; could be someone trying to make a buck or two like Ms Cleo.

Now, I'm not trying to prove these things. This is me just speculating off the top of my head.

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This study claims almost the perfect opposite of what I experience every day.

Less well educated people tend to believe in such thing much more often, whereas people with a higher education often have the heart to doubt.

To my mind, believing in such things proves, that the person is looking for simple solutions and answers instead of making the effort of looking a little closer.

The wonderful thing about polls is that they can be skewed so damned easily with poorly worded questions.


Also you should always have doubts about anything that someone tells you. No matter if it's called scientific research, tradition or experience.

There's nothing to prevent someone from 'making up' a scientific report.

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