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Stalker is dead? [updated]


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So what one can really say.

I have been waiting for the game from the first moment I heard about the project (they didn't even have a publisher I think) but I was almost sure that it would a) be one of those Max Payne, Duke Nukem Forever prjects or b) somehow pooped on by some publisher trying to squeeze chunk of money out of the developer or the hopeful wishing c) turn out perfect.

So I guess parts a and b are coming to fruitition, let's hope part c does so aswell :D

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well, shit. Stalker was probably one of my most anticipated games. I hope THQ can pry up everything and hand it off to another dev who knows what their doing and actually push out a title that is close to what STALKER should have been 3 years ago.

My thoughts exactly. I wanted this game just as much as HL2, it sounded awesome. I hope i can still at least walk around Tsjernobyl once, and preferably even play the game. (I played a demo at E3 and it was cool)

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I dunno, after the first barrage of stuff that looked pretty decent, I ended up having no interest whatsoever in anything to do with it... All the AI stuff or whatever they were promising sounded involved, sure, but at no point did any part of the game actually sound (or look) fun to me.

And I think I saw somewhere AI could beat the game before you if you weren't careful? Is that supposed to be enjoyable?

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Ugh...been dreading this thread.

Guys, I'm not going to drag you through the details of my life the past year, but let's just say that I'm not working on Stalker in any capacity and I have absolutely no information to share on the subject.

Personally, I think Stalker could be a classic. Do I know when it's going to be released? No. Can I get an update for Mapcore? No. I'm not on the project, though sometimes I wish I still was.

But I will say this: the part where GSC talks about most of the game engine being undocumented, not a surprise. Can another developer finish it? Maybe the leetest, most cocky group of programmers outside of GSC could attempt to figure it out, but in reality, it would probably eat up their giant egos and leave them crying--no begging--for death before the end.

So will it ever ship? Fuck if I know.

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