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pvk_fort map WIP


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Been working on this on and off for a couple of weeks now and I thought its about time i get some good critics on the forum instead of spamming #mapcore after each compile :D

The map is for Pirates, Vikings and Knights 2. The pictures feature the Pirate start and some of the paths to the main meeting place. There are some custom textures and props made by the PVK2 team + contributors i think.







If you want a closer look, or just some old pictures, please visit

My Website

C&C please. Also, I'f you'd like to contribute to this map by giving it an overhaul texturewise or perhaps make some cool models (mainly plants and wall decorations) please dont hesiate to mail me.

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I dig it completely. That knight model is brilliant btw

Thanks :) yea, the knight model is awesome, you should really look forward to playing this game, such cool sounds when you hit the guy ;)

Hey that's nice skjalg but you could change the sky?


To what?, I'm open for suggestions :D

Huge castle. I like the castle, I dislike the tree models :D

pvk2 will be 3rd person?

Thanks dude :) I'll be on the lookout for some better trees then.. And no, PVK2 will probably be in 1st person like PVK. I just did sv_cheats 1 to get the knight in the shot, since its so awesome :)

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I love the knight in that second last shot - the shininess of the armour and the running animation (as much as you can tell from a screenshot) look freakin' fantastic. I hope there is a 1st/3rd person option put in there ;)

Map looks cool too, exteriors far more so than interiors though. It's probably the lighting that is harming the interiors the most - as Oski said it is possibly a bit too yellow which tends to make things look really gaudy and repulsive. You could also benefit from more architectural detail in there - how about some wooden framework up the walls and supporting the ceiling in the corridor?

As for the exteriors, the repetition of the walls is obviously going to be somewhat necessary for the theme, but you could possibly take a few measures to break up the huge surfaces. The arrow slits you seem too few and far between to me - I know there weren't normally thousands of the things but I think having a few more would help break up the vast walls. Some large scale stain overlays may also help, or some moss overlay (bug your texture artists :P) creeping up the walls from the grass and rocks? I don't know if it would necessarily look right, but it might be worth experimenting with some exterior pillars up the walls too.

Keep it up anyway man, this is looking cool.

Oh, and if you haven't, go buy/play ICO right now. Best castle inspiration and reference ever commited to a PS2 game ;)

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Might want to put some damage into those forts, cannon holes or something similar. It looks a little lifeless somehow, as if it's just been put there. There don't seem to be any signs of it being used. Maybe some more variation in that stone texture? Some more apparent weathering, a bit of bird shit, that kind of thing.

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