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networking troubles


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i'll just keep this short. does anyone know how to create a setup like this?


more specifically, how do I just share the connection of the computer with the 360? the pc connecting to the 360 is the "media pc" (just a standard pc for movies and stuff), and has a wireless network card, and a ethernet card. i have shared the ethernet connection on the media pc / 360 connection, but then neither connection works. in order to bridge the wireless and LAN connections on that pc, neither of them can be sharing a connection, which is what seems like i have to do... erk.

i could just run a ethernet cable from my 360 directly to my modem, but meh, that's a cable going across the floor that i don't want. but at this rate, that's may what it have to come to.

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Solution 1 (the simplest): Get a wireless router wireless router+modem combo, plug it in next to your 360, run a short cable to your 360, and let your computers attach wirelessly. $40-80

Solution 2 (the most expensive): Get a Xbox 360 Wireless modem. $99

Solution 3 (the chepest, but probably prone to more failure): Get a crossover cable and connect your PC and XBox. That should form a mini LAN and share the internet connection from the PC unless the 360 doesn't like it. 50/50 shot on that working. I have no idea what the 360's proprietary stuff is like.

Solution 1 is the smart way to go. Solution 3 is most closely to what you described, but also really ghetto.

Solution 4: Mojo and I play with cables.

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