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This might be a stupid question but bare with me.

Why when I record something with my video camera does it not look like something worthy of a hollywood blockbuster. =)!

Is it the editing software I use? The quality of the media I record on? The actual camera itself? I could elaborate on my question I think you get the point.

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Um...movies are usually shot on 35 mm film and go through a lot of processing and editing that takes a long time. That is why they look way better than your video camera. Celluloid film is very high res and infinitely better than video...

...for now. Eventually I expect a digital recording technology to surpass film, but who knows how the hell long that will take.

All those things you mention do impact the quality of your home movies, but the most fundamental issue is the fact that you're recording footage on a video camera.

What kind of camera? In general, a pimpen HD video camera is better than a simple DV camera. I'm sure there are more informed people here who can go into more depth.

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Given what Izuno said, there are certain things you can do within video editing software like Premiere that can give the impression of being shot on an expensive camera (ie. adjusts the lighting) by passing the video through filters but you really need to invest in a good video camera if you want to get comparible quality.

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