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Valandil : Recruiting!


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Valandil is looking for a few dedicated developers to fill our ranks, the positions that we have available are listed below. Some more detailed information on the project is also available.

Project Overview:

Valandil is a medieval themed modification set within a fictional world. With a variety of gameplay styles and an intuitive combat system unlike anything you've seen before, we are really trying to push the genre in new directions. The project was started a little over 18 months ago, but was canceled at the end of last year when an independent developer contacted us. That didn't work out as we had hoped, so we're back for 2006 with a new team, a more professional attitude and a fresh outlook.

Currently we're keeping a lot of our work under wraps. With a highly talented team of dedicated developers, we'd prefer to reveal our game with a big bang than to spill the beans early.

Available Positions:

Examples of work must be given when applying for any of the positions listed below. All team members must be able to meet deadlines, provide regular updates on their progress and work with a mature and enthusiastic attitude.

Texture Artist & Model Skinner

Must have experience with an industry standard art package (Photoshop, Paintshop Pro etc)

Key skills should include (Texture Artist):

  • [*:2wcano54]Creation of both interior and exterior texture sets
    [*:2wcano54]Creation of normal, specular and height maps
    [*:2wcano54]Ability to compile and fully implement Source materials
    [*:2wcano54]Ability to work to a level designer's specifications
    [*:2wcano54]Level design experience is also a plus

Key skills should include (Model Skinner):

  • [*:2wcano54]Creation of realistic and believable textures for medieval themed models
    [*:2wcano54]Ability to create UVMaps from finished models
    [*:2wcano54]Modeling experience is a plus
    [*:2wcano54]ZBrush 2 experience is a plus
    [*:2wcano54]Ability to create normal, specular and height maps is a plus

Level Designers

Must have experience with the Valve Hammer Editor.

Key skills should include:

  • [*:2wcano54]Creation of detailed interior and exterior environments
    [*:2wcano54]Clear understanding of:
    [*:2wcano54]Lighting techniques
    [*:2wcano54]Level optimization (VIS blocking etc)
    [*:2wcano54]Use of detailed brushwork
    [*:2wcano54]Base entities
    [*:2wcano54]3D skyboxes

    [*:2wcano54]A passion for fantasy & medieval environments is a big plus
    [*:2wcano54]Modeling experience is big plus (creation of props)
    [*:2wcano54]Creation of textures is a big plus

Model Animator

Must have experience with an industry standard modeling and animation package (preferably 3Ds MaX/CS)

  • Key skills should include:
    [*:2wcano54]Understanding of the movements applied in melee combat
    [*:2wcano54]Able to animate natural and realistic movement
    [*:2wcano54]Knowledge of how Source works with animations
    [*:2wcano54]A complete Motion Capture set would be a nice plus! :wink:

Prop Modelers

Must have experience with a high end modeling package

Key skills should include:

  • [*:2wcano54]Ability to create believable and realistic medieval themed objects
    [*:2wcano54]Able to work to a level designer's specifications
    [*:2wcano54]Creation of UVMaps from finished models
    [*:2wcano54]Model texturing/skinning experience is a big plus
    [*:2wcano54]Level design experience is a plus

Graphic Artist

Must have experience with an industry standard art package (Photoshop, Paintshop Pro etc)

Key skills should include:

  • [*:2wcano54]Creation of menu graphics and layouts
    [*:2wcano54]Good grasp of medieval & fantasy themes and artistic conventions
    [*:2wcano54]Creation of web graphics is a plus
    [*:2wcano54]Experience working with ingame sprites and decals is a plus

Contact Information

Applications should include the following details about yourself, along with examples of work and any extra information you feel could be of use.

  • [*:2wcano54]Age, location and occupation
    [*:2wcano54]Availablity (in terms of how often you are online and able to work)
    [*:2wcano54]A short personal bio is nice, but not required.

Applications and examples of work can be sent via e-mail to bill.lowe@valandilmod.com

You can also contact us via IM profiles and IRC, details below.

Bill Lowe:

MSN : billylowe@hotmail.com

AIM : billo14787

Pål Trefall:

MSN : skyb0x@hotmail.com

AIM : Val Trefall

Our IRC channel is #valandilmod on the GameSurge IRC network.

Bill Lowe & Pål Trefall

Valandil Project Leaders

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jeez why do mod teams have to act like pros nowadays?

when I worked for HL1 mods some years ago, there where no "recruitings", "applications", "NDAs" and stuff like that.

no offense, but maybe you should at least show us some media beside that fancy banner.

anyways, best of luck for your mod. I hope this recruiting thing works out for you :wink:

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