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Graphics card help!


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Right I can take back the GF 6200 I got and get a refund allowing me to choose another card, I know I was recommended the GF 6800 but which model?! I have an AGP slot not PCI express so it's proving a bit difficult. I've found this model:


Does that look ok? I want something high-end whilst not costing too much, £200 and a bit more would be enough. I also don't want a dud model with a lower clockspeed than other models of this type, if you get where I'm coming from...

I'm useless with GFX cards :oops:

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The BFG GeForce 6800 GS OC (1st one) seems to deliver the biggest bang for your buck. Apart from the fact that it has higher clockspeeds, it also has a lifetime warranty.

Also be sure to check it's requirements. You might want to buy a new power supply.

My relevant specs are:

Pentium 4 3.2GHZ



120GB HD

Not sure what the powerpack is, I know it's very powerful though, I'll have to double check...

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