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The X-Files


Favourite series?  

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Bugger all this CSI, Lost, 24 bollocks.. The X-Files is where it was at!

Just watching my Season 1 boxset, it's fucking great and there some episodes I don't remember seeing. I've got the second series too and definately plan on getting the Third series at some point and possibly the others in time.

I really don't remember much about Series 4 + I think I stopped watching it around then and then later on the T-1000 appeared for some reason, I'm amazed it made it up to series 9!

Appreciate this fantastic series of American sci-fi goodness :)

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Oh geez, I dunno. I love the X-Files. I didn't really like it when Mulder left after season 7, but Doggett was good enough to keep me watching. I guess I like season 4 to 7 the most. I'm secretly still hoping for a 10th season someday. Or at least a new film to clear things up.

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Yeah Doggett was a good character in my opinion, though Reyes or whatever her name was didn't quite match that standard. I enjoyed every series but I didn't watch it religiously enough to really differentiate one from another. I just saw episodes here and there, and most of the time they were enjoyable. Come to think of it, it was actually in the last 3 series or something that I started watching more frequently, probably because I was older and more able to dictate my own TV watching schedule :)

I think the episodic nature of the show, even though there were frequent recurring storylines, stops it from reaching the pinnacles of 24 or Lost, but it was a great show nonetheless.

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I loved X-files.

And i where in love with Scully!

Now thats a woman!


I didn't cared much of 24 exept the first 2 episodes and then i got tired of it.

And now there is a second serie of it D:


I do like CSI and that navy serie NSCI or NCSI or something.

The original CSI is best, but Miami and NY CSI are good aswell.

Oh and i voted 1:st series.


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Did you all vote season1 like me, because you dont have a clue which episode is which season?

It's easy to remember what season which episode goes here in Finland, even as popular series as X-Files or even Simpsons, there are like 3 month pauses between seasons for reasons not understandable by mere mortals.

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