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WIP, de_changes_2


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Problem not a problem apparently..

you'd be suprised at the "errors" you see when you have a leak..

so i advise you get all leaks fixed before posting.. hah. so ya.. sorry..

I've constructed a map which will keep you on your toes...

breaking the monoteny of standard maps.

No more "rush B" EVERY round.

you have FOUR bombsites in this map.

only TWO are active at any given time.

At round start, there is a Billboard in front of each spawn which shows you the letters of the active Bomb Targets.

If using Mani_Admin_plug, the map will tell the players, ( plant at the A the Truck, or B in the warehouse, etc etc

making life a little easier for newbs..

not only does the bombsites change from round to round,

but your Strategy must adapt as well.

the Blueprints you made plans from are old...

you might turn a corner and find the Hotel owner added a storage room where there was a hallway, or a door may be locked/closed.

Garage doors and swining doors will be open/closed/open this direction or that direction.

This can change HOW you defend bombsites.

There is a moving train in this map, you can hop the train and get a ride.. OR you can be camping out in the Train Tunel.. and get splatered as it runs by..

It is a simple map...

you can go to the left or right sides.. or a crisscross in the middle.

there are dark areas where nightvision or flashlights can be used (too many whiners that there's naver a map to use them on)

but then (NOW they cry because they GET to use them.. geeze...)

for the most part, it's a clear day...

but then again.. fog does roll in on some rounds.. limiting vision/sniping by a alittle bit.

there is a small "hockey ring" where kids and Ct's can play some street hockey with guns... (hockey map evolved.. you'll here more about the SPORT_ series of maps later.)

Screenshots and downloads will be posted on my site soon as i'm done...


This will be an open-source project.

that means the VMF will be hosted on my site (just like de_changes_1, which now needs redone.. now that i know more about what I am doing).

There is a huge "Brain" that was built to control the map.

I've kept things as simple as possible, for ease of play, but with all the changing environments, and the simplicity of the build, you won't have much trouble tracking down "strays".

it IS a small map by many people's terms.

You can get on most of the rooftops.

If you're a good jumper, you can almost make it all the way around the map without touching down..

no 3d skybox yet, i'm trying to keep it simple.

I would LOVE to have the eye-candy of a 3d skybox, but it's in the final stages of development, so I will get on that in the next month.

need to do some research there.

current version is de_changes_2u

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oh good.. working on a full compile now..

I fixed all my leaks.. and now she's running a full vis...

this does mean it's gonna be a while. been running sine 9 am.. and now it's 5pm only on 4/10 .. hopefully, nothing else goes wrong..

thanks for the tips guys...

withoutj some of your help.. I would never have made the train move..

OR gotten some of my bugs fixed right.

good to finally find an active mapping site...

i guess the question now is.. anyone got a machine built just for quick compiles?

or is there any way to increase the efficiency or speed at which you compile through the Vis Portion of the proccess?

and they say for the 3d skybox.. you move evrything over and scale it to 1/16th size (including models)...

question is...

how do you scale the models in the skybox?

any tips from your experience on a good 3d skybox?

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-You just gonna have to make the map more visfriendly. If you cant do the time, dont do the crime ;)

-you cant scale models in a skybox. They gotta be modeled 1/16th the size, or whatever size you set the scaling to for the skybox

-tips hmmz. Dont put in those industrial props you see in every other map.

Btw how far are you with this map. It sounds kinda ambitious, especially if this is your first map. Or if you made maps before, post them @ http://www.mapcore.net/forums/viewtopic ... &start=150 ;)

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