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Any one here ever tried Lightwave?

I just tried it out and i thought it was really hard to learn.

I tried to get help about material and texture and how to assign them and such, and i found very little within the program itself.

How did you experience the app?

Also if you have done anything in it i sure would like to see it.


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I use it. It was a little harder to get into compared to Maya and XSI (I find 3DS Max even stranger than LW though). So that's why I bought Inside Lightwave [8] by Dan Ablan. It does a pretty good run through of the entire program, however it doesn't get into specifics on the more broad topics. But, it still got me into the flow of using the program.

Unfortunately, I don't really have anything much worth showing other than some dinky little un-textured models I ended up making during the learning process. I havn't really gone back to make use of everything that I learned with the book, and probably even forgot a few things. :shock:

I remember the texturing stuff not being very apparent at first too. But again, the farthest I got was UVing a cube I think.

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(I find 3DS Max even stranger than LW though)

Hmm i find 3dsmax pretty easy.

Allthough i haven't used it that much and never anything complicated.

But the modeling and texturing is not that hard.

At the beginning it was hard if not impossible but when i just found out how to its easy.

LW i read about it and it still seems very hard, or complicated.

I only tried it because my tutorials for 3dsmax was wacked.

Ill see if i keep it or not.

Thanks for the reply.


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I personally think 3dsmax is the best way to go, I have used other 3d applications such as lightwave and xsi and I seem to work much slower in those programs than 3ds, also 3ds is probably the most well known when it comes to modeling for game design. If you want to learn how to use 3dsmax go to http://www.3d-palace.com they offer alot of great video tutorials for 3dsmax and many other 3d apps. And if you don’t have alot of money like me :) then you can always get gmax which is basically the same as 3ds, except you cannot render and they limit alot of things you can do

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