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So just watched this trailer. While the Movie doesn't look like its going to be the best or anything, it sure does look like it will be a big action romp, and that is just fine with me.

http://www.ugo.com/channels/filmtv/feat ... efault.asp

Its from the director/writer of Equilibrium and stars Milla Jovovich. The Gunkata will be back and it will more than likely be one of those "I am bored lets watch a movie" Movies. And please stay away from the "OMG AEON FLUX" comments since I do know how similar they seem, though this should probably (The keyword here is probably) be better

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I liked the Equilibrium, got it on DVD, nice movie where they don't throw in the typical "survival story of an underdog" like the other ALL HOLLYWOOD FILMS, I like more about the typical Japanese approach (also known as Kurosawa hero) where the main character is overpowered compared to the villans and he just goes in and mops the floors with baddies, even tho the baddies seem like badass and all. The hero always prevails, but without that Rocky crap.

I'm positively looking forward to this, and backwards, since you never know who might suprise you from behind.

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izuno, you mean its not original enough?

Well, most action or effects movies today are derivative. That doesn't mean the movie is going to be horrible, just have a lot of borrowed ideas. I guess I don't really care that much about that as long as her character is unique and interesting. Right now all we know is she is a sexy deadly assassin type with a cool as ice attitude. Sort of like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill (no not the same, just reminds me of that) and maybe even Kate Beckinsdale in the Underwold movies, though I found her character a little too cool and kinda boring. (wow what do i expect from just a trailer? :roll: )

My point is this: really great action/sci-fi movies have great action, effects and etc, but the best ones have interesting characters that resonate with fans somehow, even if they don't necc with critics. That's why Star Trek was so succesful in the big picture even though the most recent movies blew asswads. Ever see a Star Trek movie get critically acclaimed for acting? HA! or the Matrix? HA! But in Star Trek, you had characters that fans absolutely loved (Kirk, Spock, Data, Worf, Picard etc). And in the Matrix the concept/story blew you away, even though the acting was rubbish...explaining why the 2nd and 3rd movies were horrible cause the stories were weak and had no characters good enough to carry it. Meanwhile, Ripley in Aliens wasn't really a sexy character, just an ordinary woman dealing with a horrible, extraordinary situation where she had to overcome her deepest fears in life. And she even got nominated for an Oscar. Her performance elevated an already great action/sci-fi movie into a classic of the genre.

So all I'm seeing out of this Ultraviolet character is a sexy deadly chick who kicks ass. Sure, not bad. Seen it in other forms many times before. Kinda growing tired of it. Make her an interesting character (which I don't think the trailer proves one way or another) and I'll be really psyched about it. So far...kinda mehness.

I'll watch it again. Feel free to start throwing fruit at this post.

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Have you seen the 5th element? I thought that was an awesome movie in all ways. Also had the same actress playing lalilulelo

The movie was perfect tens all the way. Only thing that could have made it better would have been a scene where Milla rubbed her pussy for two hours with flying titties everywhere..

The movie had it all, sci-fi, script, visuals and the best, and I mean, THE best soundtrack in modern cinema.

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