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In-game Ads in CS


Ads in games  

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  1. 1. Ads in games

    • Doesnt bother me
    • Its ok if they dont overdo it
    • It will become a genuine nightmare

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I just had an interesting conversation on IRC with Bl1tz about ads in videogames. It became a very heated debate with Hitler, Africa, slavery and aids all discussed. My opinion, it doesnt bother me that much, while im waiting to respawn they might entertain me, and when im playing i dont see the walls or even the floor. And i dont think its gonna get ridiculously out of control.

Bl1tz opinion: it is nightmare. I dont want to play in a medieval mmorpg with condom ads, it shatters the immersion and escape from reality ppl desperately need in a capitalistic society out of control. In 3-5 years it will be a seriously out of control

http://www.gamepro.com/computer/pc/game ... 1071.shtml

Seriously what do you guys think about ads in games. Does it suck or doesnt it bother you that much?

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Ads don't belong in games because they destroy the immersive experience of the games. If you need money that badly, either raise the price of the game, or charge me a subscription fee to maintain the upkeep of the servers. I would rather pay more than have my game experience destroyed by gaudy, cheesy ads appearing in games.

Ads are not all evil for sure, I totally understand their placement in newspapers, on radio, and on TV. But the idea behind a game is to have a fun, immersive experience that takes you out of your everyday life, and brings you to a place where you can role play.

RD next time you wanna throw your bullshit at someone, choose someone who can't articulate their ideas. Comparing me to Hitler and saying I want African babies to starve because I don't support in game ads is a little immature and short sighted.

[07] im almost finished making the thread

[07] blitz you shouldnt escape from reality when africa is suffering from aids

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As far as i know there is ads in the MMOFPS planetside.

The ads can me changed on-demand and counts how much time each player spends on having the ad in the center of his crosshair for statistics.

However we Swedes are not alowed to see them because of international laws.

If games get cheaper and better because of the ads, and they dont cover the whole screen or destroy the gameplay experience, then bring em on!

Ads dont fit into every game though.

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