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Being immature is not common on this board, which is probably why it is one of the best for feedback, constructive criticism and advice. Being abusive though is just poor form.

Regarding the map. It looks like a solid start. Nice lighting, and shadows. Good use of props, and the buildings all look very different from each other. Always positive when the geometry does not look like it has been cut from the same stone. In some of the pics, it looks as though a lot of the props, rather than brushwork, is doing too much of the work, though I imagine that this is because the map is early. The roads also look very straight and very flat, again because of the maps earliness.

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Yeah the road is just something i chucked in so i could walk on it, deffinately going to mess it up a lot, im pretty backwards, i make all my buildings first then work out what i have left as far as r speeds are concerned, then ill mess some stuff up~

ta for feedback~

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You've guys have bagged on his language enough, I think he's gotten the point.

Some of your corners are smoothed, however they're not properly smooth grouped. So fix that up. Right now I dont find anything particulary interesting. You said though you'd destroy it afterwards. Remember that destroying will stop some of the vis blocking procedures so do so carefuly.

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I dont know i dont like the lighting at all because it looks to gray.

The green oak trees is to repetive..

Actually this is some kind of scornfull contempt and the map is packed like sardines..

and you act tough !:zoidberg:

this map is overdo with grass take it or leave it but please yourself.

you realize that, your langauge is some kinda left over....

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