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Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD


Which one?  

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  1. 1. Which one?

    • Blu-Ray
    • HD-DVD

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I'm obviously going for HD-DVD because of it being an actual standard accepted by an organization that decides what is standard and what is not.

But, ultimately, I'm not completely siding with neither, since I hate the idea of a format war, I'm rather using the good ol' DVD than touch either of them before the clear winner is announced.

Fuck em both equally.

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I hear that, Kosmo. The only way I'm getting either of them is through a 360 or ps3. I'll actually get a player when one of them dies.

I hate format wars. In my opinion, Sony has the better product here. I also think Sony had the better product in the VHS vs. BETAMAX war. Hope history doesnt repeat itself, because I'd rather spend a little more on a blu-ray player. It just has so many cooler features (or so they say); most appealing being the 25 gigs on one layer and the durability of the CD.

In a perfect world, Toshiba and Sony would work together to make one badass product, but as we all know, its a corporate world. :cry:

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Why can't we just fuck HD-DVD and Blu-Ray both, they are retard products. We should go with a holographic disc instead, DVD can hold up for atleast another 3 years or so, or did I miss HOW exactly we CAN'T have multi disc games in DVDs, why all of a sudden whe absolutely positively have to have everything in one god damn disc?

Besides, why are we losing a format that hasn't been even properly accepted? DVDs are not that widely used in anything else than movie distribution, games are picking up, and music is way behind. Where did the idea of all of a sudden to rush to a new incomplete format?

Why are we even talking about accepting a new format, neither of which are actually fully developed. Did intelligence all of a sudden drop in the world? Do we actually need to push HDTVs (the #1 reason the Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs are being pushed to the market so agressively) in to the market so fast, failing in major areas at the same time?

Everybody just forgot what happened to digital television, UMTS cellphone applications and all these "remarkable" new inventions that were supposed to change our lifes forever? They were introduced as the best thing ever to happen on humanity, like fucking cure for cancer and better than viagra, and still none of them are widely used and not used for the applications that were promised to us when the new technologies were pushed to the market.

I think everyone who thinks that either of these formats is great is just blind retard corporate sock puppet spoonfed with illusions.

The same thing happens every 6 months when ATI and nVidia launch their latest e-penis enlargers, we are just now starting to use the full potentiality of Radeon 9800 series cards, the technological advancements that they brought. So how is this any different? A new format? Big whoop, it's going to be widely accepted after around 5 years of use.


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A new format? Big whoop, it's going to be widely accepted after around 5 years of use.

And four years from now, it will be replaced :D

I agree with most of your points. They are really just corporation muscle flexes while holo disks really should be worked on. If Sony and Toshiba would put their money into something useful like research on those Quantum chips and holo disks, my god, man, technological accelleration would leap forward like a supercharged McLaren on the worlds largest straight track.

But hey, this is what we're faced with at the moment. This is whats coming. Thanks to the money monopolies, we dont have the joy of waiting for holo disks this year. Its either Blu-Ray or HD-DVD. Might as well think optimistic and pick one to support.

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