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How do you texture?

Do you use photos or do you make your textures all in Photoshop?

What techniques do you use to create your textures?

Please most all “tutorials” on how you make your textures here, so we can all learn from each other, I’ll post some short Photoshop tutorials here soon…


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Tutorial A:

1.) Start a new file like this:


2.) Fill the new image file with “#A67C52” this is the background layer.

3.) Create a new layer and fill it with “#C69C6D” this is the “Solid Colour 01” layer.

4.) Create a new layer and fill it with “#603913” this is the “Solid Colour 02” layer.


5.) Set the “Solid Colour 01” layer to “Dissolve” and the “Opacity” to 25%

6.) Set the “Solid Colour 02” layer to “Dissolve” and the “Opacity” to 50%

7.) You’re done!!

Here is what the end result should look like:


Now that you have the base there is so many things that you can do with it, for now lets just make some cement stuff:

1.) Flatten the image to start.

2.) Go: "Filter > Stylize > Emboss". Use these settings:


3.) You’re done!!


Again, it does not end here there are so many things you can still do with the texture, just fool around with stuff.

I hope this is a good, helpfull tutorial,

Please keep em coming!! :wink:

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Everybody is talking about not to use filters, so as a photoshop nub I am wondering what else there is to use. A few tutorials to get people like me started would actually help a lot.

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Yeah, that is what I would like also - some good tutorials form the pros like mikezilla and the postman and all of em. But It seems that no-one has the time... :cry:

Edit: Would you mind givin' us some tutorials on how to use the channels for creating textures, Absolut Vodka :?:

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Guest The_Postman

If you use stylize> emboss to make the entire base of the texture you just lost at the texturing. Better thing to do is to use a nice solid, well shot photobase (I suggest concrete, because with the proper layer adjustments it can be turned into just about anything, metal, clay, dirt, rock, cement, hell, even good mottling for plants and flesh).

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Tutorials arent gonna help much basically cuz there are so many different ways of creating them and everyone has their own unique styles. Learning how to create textures is a long process and you can't except it to happen overnight. I'll take months and years. The only way to become good at it is by getting fimiliar with all the tools in photoshop, and then EXPERIMENTING your way through things. The first couple of months the stuff you create is gonna be pure sheit, but eventually you'll become better. If you're completely new to photoshop and texturing, start by creating photobased textures (and avoid sharpening aahhh). Get someone to critique your textures. And once you move over to more hand drawn textures just avoid filters (Omg I said the f-word). They are teh evil I tell you... IIVEL

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