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Shattered Society mod needs team members!


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The Shattered Society team is currently looking for additional team members. As you can see from the images below, we already have a fair amount of weapon models done. Since there are a lot of models not skinned or animated, we are still in need for weapon- and player modelers, skinners and animators. Next to these, we are also looking for people who would like to create maps. Although we do have a coder, it would help if we could get an additional coder to help with the progress of the game.

weapon_sledgehammer.jpg weapon_HK-G36C.jpg weapon_physicsgun.jpg weapon_fireaxe.jpg

Visit our website at http://ss.hl2files.com, and check out our Media Section for some more screenshots.

To get an idea of how Shattered Society will play, read the following:

What is Shattered Society?

Shattered Society (SS) will be a Half-Life 2 modification set in the near future, and, as a result, it will feature a blend of contemporary and fictional, futuristic weapons. If its gameplay seems familiar to anyone, it is because Shattered Society is the sequel to a modification for the original Half-Life called Desert Crisis. The game’s emphasis will be on maximizing the enjoyment of the experience, which means excluding many elements of realism that might compromise the quality of the gameplay.

Playing styles

Shattered Society will offer a vast range of styles of play that most shooters can only hope to parallel. Besides being able customize their primary and secondary weapons by choosing from a wide array of small arms and heavy weaponry, players will be able to further customize their character by choosing their melee weapons, accessories and perks (i.e. special powers).

One player may choose to specialize in hand-to-hand combat and not use armor so that he can smash his enemies with an enormous sledge hammer; another may turn himself into a human tank by equipping himself with as much armor as possible and carrying a big gun. These examples represent the extremes, and there will be plenty of possibilities in between. Initially, some may not be as effective as others, but with enough practice, any setup can be dangerous.

Success in Shattered Society will require these varied players to work together so that they can complement each other and achieve their objective. Technical experts will be required to activate key shortcuts and hack computers quickly, while more combat-oriented players will need to cover them while they work.

Weapons and teamwork

There are several features that will distinguish Shattered Society from other shooters, one of which is the unusual emphasis on melee weapons, such as sledge hammers, katanas, axes, etc. Combined with certain perks, they can become extremely deadly weapons. Another noteworthy feature will be the emphasis on movement: wall jumps, dashing and flip jumps guarantee three-dimensional movement of the finest kind. Compared to other games that have used similar features, these techniques will be less gimmicky and will not require the binding of several new keys.

Shattered Society is a unique mod that will strive to achieve balance between chaotic action and objective-based teamplay. The action will always be intense, but the teamplay options available will reward players who coordinate their actions to play effectively.

If you're interested, contact me or visit our website at


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