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de_dam_facility_beta2 (RELEASE)


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I've finally finished this damn map! I don't expect to make any changes to this besides fixing any bug ppl submit as they play it.

I've clipped the hell out of everything but there maybe even more i can do. I also have to wait for valve to fix the overly

bright cubemaps error that happening with the beta sdk. oh and I also need to finish the custom textures for the monitors

in the control room. Besides that It's done....

Please download it and let me know what you think. I've tried to optimize the outside (and inside) as much as possible. I still

think there's more I can do but for this layout it's probably all I'll do. I try not to have an open area like this in my next level.

I hope I can start mapping for a mod now. I think I've learned enough about the editor that I can cut it... we'll see. wish me
















http://sourceprefabs.com/modules.php?op ... it&lid=192

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Spend more time on the surrounding cliff and how it merges with the dam. Cause right now they're awkwardly placed and dont function correctly.

yeah it's messed up. Right now it's part of the skybox. in the final I'll have to take it that portion of the cliff out of the skybox since i cant seem to figure out a way to make it look right in there.

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If anyone wants to get a game going I have setup a dedicated server (west coast) Fast downloads are enabled so if you have a decent connection it should only take a min or so.

server IP:

vent address: vent3.clanservers.com

port: 4423

password: maptalk

join up if ya wanna play

I think alltalk is enabled if you dont want to start up vent.

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I think you can do a lot more with the dam itself; look at the pic Bic posted, the top of it and the lighting is so much more dramatic. just copy that and it'll be a lot better :)

yeah ok, i can probably get way with making the dam and cliffs more detailed. I'm just real worried that I'll kill perfomance since there's alot of detail elsewhere. we'll see though...

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