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Major Security hole fix download


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There is a really bloody nasty security hole in Windows at the moment, that uses malformed WMF files to execute arbitrary code on your system. The bad thing about this is that simply viewing an effected image will cause this security hole to execute. Even us using Firefox aren't 100% safe; the image won't fire up straight away like on IE, but if you later happen to browse your cache and hit that file... yeah, not safe.

http://www.microsoft.com/technet/securi ... 6-001.mspx


http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/deta ... laylang=en

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And for evrybody that uses XP, you already got it installed automatically.

No you don't, that's the whole point, the leak is in the original, Service Pack 1 and 2...

I think RD's point was that if you had Auto Updates on (which I can assume most people on this forum do), you already got the security fix downlaoded back in November. My service log says it came out on November 7th and I had it installed on the 9th.

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D3 is kind of right in that there is a massive vulnerability with XP right now, but somehow managed to link to the completely wrong security bulletins?

The correct one is here and dated January 5th, vital for any XP users as quite literally viewing a suspicious image (ie: I could post it in this thread right now) can screw the user over -- and yes, it should automatically update. Ask hinkey all about it, as far as I'm aware he managed to trojan a few people by experimenting with it. xD


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Auto Update for the win. Seriously, there isn't a good reason not to have it on. Windows doesn't have any minor bugs anymore. Every update seems to fix some vulnerability that can toast your machine.

Auto-update is actually enabled on here it just does it automatically at a set time which is why I never knew it was on, so I ended up installing the updates twice.. oops. Oh well, no harm done. Dont have Auto-update enabled on my own computer though 'cause I never use the Internet on there.

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