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Call Of Duty 2


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I was worried the sequel wouldn't live up to my high expectations because the original was just so damn good, but I can safely say I needn't of worried, it's absolutely fantastic. The Russian missions are a great opener (shooting teddybears and throwing potatoes into a bathtub :P), the true eye-openers to the sheer awesomeness of this game came when you took on the roll of one of the Desert rats in Africa, it's so satisfying to be able to take on litterally armies of german soldiers and call air-strikes on enemy tanks from the rooftop of a town building (if you've played MOH:AA, it plays in a similar vain but 10x more awesome).

The American raid on Point De Hoc is great, like Omaha beach but with less carnage and more open terrain and cows :D Sniping mortar squads from the top of a tower has never been so fun! I don't know what graphics settings I'm running at but textures are set to automatic and the game pretty much looks the same as the original game when it was on max settings (no bad thing). Runs smooth as butter, I'm amazed it runs so well with all the stuff going on and the large open landscapes.

The tank driving missions are my favourite so far, I'm just stepping into Caen with the Brits. So far, I'd rate this over the original anyday :)

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3GHZ, geforce 6800 right here

Spectacular visuals. I'm on all high settings plus 4xaa 4xaf. Beautiful. The detail that goes into every character is awesome. The normals on the clothes look so ridiculously real.

The game is about as intense as it gets. It's great. I'm a cheap guy, so I was holding off dod:s so I could get cod2, and I started to think about buying dod, but I'm glad i went with cod2. excellent game.

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IW guys aren't bad guys. Game is still moddable but they did simultaneous development on 2 platforms which isn't easy so it's not like they had a lot of time to intergrate heavy mod support into the PC sku from the beginning. Any time you are a launch title on a new platfrom you get really crunched.

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I dont blame the guys who work there. Decissions about mod and community support are made by the boss or the publisher. CoD 2 has the worst community support that i have ever seen on a top title. Its even worse then on some EA titles from the last few years. They just completely ignore their fans, never answer questions or care about the communitys opinions. And its not only that. Also their boss has talked huge bullshit about the modding community and pissed everybody off who has modded or mapped for cod 1.

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I've played the solo game like i was in a ghost train, just boring. And where is my fucking HUD btw >:o


I finished it last night, damn good upto the last minute although the last mission is pretty easy and a major disappointment after all the challenges you faced (especially the Hill 400 mission before it, that was insane!). Overall brilliant game, stands neck and neck with it's predecessor as being one of the best WWII games ever :)

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what kind of stuff did he say?

The comments in[] are by me.

"I'm a big fan of the mod community[ROFL], so we tried to make COD as accessible to modding as possible[Thats a LIE!] - but the modders just weren't there[a punch in the balls for everyone who has tried to mod this game and made it more enjoyable. actualy cod 1 had a large modding community - not a huge one as hl but a large one definately]. They were doing all kinds of mods for Allied Assault, but for Call Of Duty it wasn't anywhere near the same level. And we made the game much easier to mod than Allied Assault... In AA, there was nothing - you had to hack the executable to make a mod [:roll:]. So if I could go back and have time to work on the game more, I'd spend it making the game more accessible to the modding masses, with more robust tools [This describes why has cod2 has even worse mod suppoprt then cod 1 and no sdk yet a few months after release...]"

Here you can read how much this upseted the cod modding community:


(notice:this is their official forum. They are so much involved in community support that they dont even read their own forums and care if people write things that are against their product. The player strike from last month was organized in their own forums and they havent even noticed or tried to delete these threads. Even their forum moderators have come to the point that they write negative about IW and cod2 in many postst and nobody at IW or activision cares about it!)

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