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Anyone got it? It's pretty cool, though not really what I expected it to be. It focuses more on the sim part of running a studio rather than making your own films. It's still possible. I expected to be able to control the camera and like, make your own scenes. But instead, you have to select premade scens. I feel that there are way too few scenes to choose from. So I always end up cutting and slices different scenes together into one to get the effect I want. And the sounds aren't that great either. Gunshots are hardly heard and most sounds are quite lacking. I decided to just import sounds from Half-Life mods :D

But anyway, it's still kind of addicting and I already made a few movies. I'll upload one maybe, with all sound effects added by me :oops:

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I'm not sure to be honest. On the one hand they've done a lot and managed to make something which a lot of people can have fun with, but on the other it feels extremely restrictive to what you could do in a proper animation app or even that old 3D movie making game that Microsoft did years ago where you just built shit from lame textured cubes and stuff. However, you had total control over everything despite it being fugly.

If The Movies had basic things which gave you more control it'd be great. The camera is a big one, although Molyneux did say that camera movement may be included in a patch or expansion. But also, I don't feel very in control of the whole thing at all. It feels kind of lame just cycling through dozens of preset scenes as opposed to moving them around myself.

I can see how a lot of people who've never used anything more complex than this could enjoy it though, and in that respect it's a very well done game which many people seem to enjoy using (there's far too many films on the official site thing).

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True about the not feeling free thing. Like I said, there are very few scenes to choose from and you can't make scenes yourself. This makes it impossible to shoot certains films sometimes.

Like, say you want to make an action film with lots of shooting. There aren't an awful lot of scenes for that. I ended up uses the same scenes twice or sometimes even thrice but cutting out parts of them so they don't look like a copy of eachother.

Ofcourse, with the cutting possibility you can still create the wanted scenes as I said. But making a film is split into two or three stages. Three if you select to film the scenes - which is the time spent on filming and you have no control over it. But the main parts are the script writing and post production. You select the scenes and sets in script writing and add sounds, cut and delete and all that in post production. So that makes things kind of tricky, too.

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