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Is games too violent now?

I've heard fear, quake iv, et.c manhunt, postal have been called for the extreme bloodshooter games that makes the player too violent wanna make us see murders run on the streets and knife like in cs other people, also that those murders in schools happen after some kid have played too much cs again. I know that there is some kind of research going on by the scientists, the question is clearly :

Is games to violent and can they hurt us?

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i think games are not violent enough, if games were really violent the way they should, then people would look at q4, fear, and postal, and they'd be jokes! where are my voilent games? shooting someone? that isnt violent, i want games were we can torture people slowly, or peel off their skin hannibal style. one day in the not too distant future we'll look back and wish there were calm games like gta, or manhunt.

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i mean when i frie a zombie in ravenholm and cut hes head off its not in real, I mean all know that.

but some people dont like blood and gore and says that kids are growing up as criminals playing games. or playing too much of.. Everquest selling the wife, kids, famly later for the addiction to the game.


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if people do not like blood and gore then they shouldnt play the games, if parents dont like it, they shouldnt let their children play it. my parents are very strongly apposed to guns, and never let me play with toy guns. a Hostel game would be sweet, just to you can cut people toes off

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I don't understand why moms spaz out about games when movies are worse. GTA has always been a good game. It, obviously, contains sex and violence and all that stuff. Well, so does the movie Clockwork Orange. In fact, that movie is twice as "evil" as GTA. But Clockwork Orange gets a ton of awards and GTA gets banned.

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The only people who think games are too violent are soccermoms and Jack Thompson. I doubt any of them ever played a game. And seriously, there are age limits on these kind of things. So don't complain if your 11 year old son goes on a killing spree because of GTA. :\

we play the game because its fun, because we get high of it, lol i dont know cant find the right word but we do we like it, we spend time on playing and we

play more.

but.. studies said that

playing games makes you

*thinking slower





aand.. like.. escaping more from reality.

so.. actually is this true?

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Violent games have been in the mainstream for around a decade now and millions of people play them, yet only a tiny amount of cases have shown any kind of link to video games, and even then it's usually tenuous / debatable to say the least. Obviously games should be sold to the age group they're recommended for, as it's probably not healthy for 10 year olds to play violent games.

The people I despise are the ones that are so eagre to attribute violence / bad behaviour to anything other than poor parenting / bad upbringing etc. Especially when the people that blame the games bought them for their kids in the first place.

Since the advent of rock and roll music people have always looked for the boogey man to pin the blame on. Rock and roll, heavy metal, backwards messages in songs, violent films, video nasties and horror movies and the list goes on. Video games is just the latest thing to blame when things go wrong.

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I remember when I first played Doom2, I was shocked about it beeing so violent. One month later I wasn't, and I accepted more and more violence, because you get used to it.

I don't think this is good really, but beeing the naive bitch I am I will still make and play violent games (hate GTA and postal though ;o )

A sick mind can with no doubt gain inspiration from a violent game, a book or a film, but if we those they will find their inspiration elsewhere, the problem is not the games themselves.

It's kind of funny that all over the internets~ the people playing games area saying stuff like "those old ladies haven't even played the games, who are they to judge?", but that's wrong in my opinion.

They still have that shock I had when I first played Doom2, they haven't accepted brainless gore, which is good if you ask me.

But I do not want any of them to have anything to do with my games, as those people are probably the same people who says homosexuality is the devil, and that murder should be punished with death.

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