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Alpha maps on displacements flipped/scale values lost


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Ok so I am in kill mode right now because all of the scale values and alpha values on my map are completely fucked up.

I was looking around for a fix for the problem, but didn't see one. So I said "well fuck it, I'll just fix the alpha values normally" but no, that didn't work either because even though the scale value is unchanged, the scaling still isn't correct on my texture.

I hadn't touched the map since Dec. 4th, and now suddenly it's totally fucking useless. Months of work down the shitter (temporarily)

If anyone can help me with this, I would be eternally grateful.



// Combined these two existing textures because one was half of an existing dirt/rock blend, and the 

// other had a nice "track" property for a cart path

	"$basetexture" "nature/dirtfloor011a"

	"$basetexture2" "concrete/concretefloor008b"

	"%tooltexture" "nature/dirtfloor011a"

        "$basetexturetransform" "center .5 .5 scale 1 1 rotate 0 translate 0 0"

        "$basetexturetransform2" "center .5 .5 scale 2 2 rotate 0 translate 0 0"

	"$surfaceprop" "dirt"

//	"$bumpmap" "Nature/dirtfloor012a_normal"

	"%keywords" "blitz_blend"


edit ^^ there is the .vmt which previously worked perfectly but now the scale and alphas are fucked up.

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:eng101: Editing problems/questions go to the "engine discussion forum"

Whoops -- I did look first and tried to figure out where to post :oops:

Thanks for moving it to the right spot.

So yeah, unless someone has a solution for this, I am going to have to manually retexture a nearly finished map...which would be really boring and time consuming and I'd rather not have to do it.

Not only are the alpha values wrong, but the scales and X/Y positions seem skewed too. I have no idea what Valve did to Hammer.

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Ok...so I've determined that it's Hammer that's fucking everything up, and that the map itself is perfectly fine. However, this means that I have to edit the alpha values backwards in Hammer (rock is now dirt and vice versa) which will be weird but managable I suppose. For my custom texture, I'll just switch $basetexture and $basetexture2 in the editor, and then switch them back at the final compile.

So I might just finishthis piece of shit yet.

I still can't understand what Valve toyed with in the last update that would cause such a drastic and noticeable change to the way Hammer deals with alpha blending textures.

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