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Group Signup for Mapkorpak


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Righto, as a preliminary stage to getting started, I'd like folk who'd be interested in forming groups with a view to submitting a map to the Mapkorpak to sign up here. When posting, please give a brief outline of your skillset, your location & timezone and anything else that you feel is relevant.

I'll update this here post with anything else that is required or new information.

Name : Schmung

Location : UK

Timezone : GMT

Skills : Mediocre mapper, but I have done nowt in source yet, primarily HL1 stuff. Decent low poly modeller and I can unwrap. Haven't done much of this normal mapping witchcraft yet though. Texturing skills extend to opening photoshop and not much else.

Availability : I tend to be about in the evenings after 7pm, though that depends on what shift I'm on in work. Weekends I'm not about much.

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Name : Skjalg

Location : Norway

Timezone : GMT +1

Skills : Not that good of a mapper, Im struggling with getting a good atmosphere(lighting and colors) and placing props. I've done alot of the tutorials that come with max, but havent touched it after that so I guess you can say my modelingskills are nonexistant. I havent made many textures in photoshop, my skills are mainly just using the clone tool to get stuff to tile correctly or remove shadows. I know how everything in source is setup though. (When it comes to textures for both maps and models), the foldersetup and compile process can be a tad painful...

Availability : I tend to be on always, except when Im at school. I have no life. Which means that I'll probably work day and night on this, if it ever happens and i get some great motivating people as partners :)

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Name: Spartan

Location: Spain

Timezone: GMT

Skills: Begginer mapper; I have done mostly single player stuff (i.e. scripting) and basic geometry and lightning; but I'll be willing to give a hand wherever I can be helpful (and hopefully learn something in the process). Oh, and also, no modelling/texturing skills :(

Availability: 9PM - 1AM

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Name : Generalvivi

Location : USA

Timezone : CENTRAL

Skills : 3 years experienced in hammer im decent with comming up with environments and ideas for those environments. I make myown models when needed even tho im not that great . I also make my own textures when nessesary.

here is my old online portfolio with most of my stuff on it.

http://photobucket.com/albums/a300/Gene ... Portfolio/

Availability : anyday but on the weekends when i workzors

status : Mapper

info : wants to work in a group

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Name : mike-o

Location : USA

Timezone : GMT -5 (east coast USA)

Skills : Mapping, both in HL1 and Source, singleplayer and multiplayer. Basic photo-based texturing skills. No modelling skills.

Availability : Any time on weekends. Sometimes during the weekdays, if I don't have tests and stuff.

I would also like to work in a group.

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Name : Chris Kay

Location : UK

Timezone : GMT

Skills : Half decent level designer, 7 years experiance with editors like hammer, unrealed, radient. Experiance with 3d max and maya.

Overall good knowledge of design to art pipelines.

Im willing to help out with an initial design :) don't have the time to practicaly make it :( tho i could find time to help with lighting the enviroment :)

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