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Help wanted for Epidemic, HL2 mod.

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Well, my request today isn't really that big. I was looking to see if I could get anyone interested in helping out with some world objects (for those of you who care to call them, "props"), We've started production on the maps, and for those of you who frequent the WIP forums know that I've been working on getting some props out for these. Currently, I would appreciate the help of at least 1-2 fellows who can model and/or texture. I myself do these, but a little extra help never hurt anyone ;).

The website ( a little outdated ) is http://www.feralbeast.com/~epidemic

It'd be easier to contact me on AIM at CyanideCotdpnuts, or

MSN at fieryice86@hotmail.com, or you can simply PM me here. For those of you who haven't seen, this is just one of the props I've been doing for the map.


Crash landing in a forest....what a mystery ;). Hopefully I get lucky and catch a few peoples' eyes.

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