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de_cpl_strike beta 2


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Well hello there. As of recently I have been working on a remake of de_cpl_strike, originaly created by narby. The map has cal intentions and could even be possibly played this season is it beta testes/ tweaked for competitive play. As stated this is a beta, so pelease download it and give it a run, and comments/ issues will be looked into. As stated before if this map has not been beta tested for competitive play yet so it you think somthing is wrong it most likely will be fixed. Comments and such are welcome. All custom content was created by me, there is not that much :o.

Download: http://users.adelphia.net/~greenbak/de_ ... ike_b1.zip

Pics: (tumbnails: click for bigger pics)

















if the images dont work il fix em in the morning, im going to be :P

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Some of it blinds me just looking at the screenshots and if your map has darker spots it might not be fair ;) Also maybe its me but the light looks a bit too atmospheric. Ppl are gonna play this for hours if its gonna be CAL, shouldnt look depressing or ppl will get tired of it.

Anyways ill play thru it laters

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Looks great!

Trimed most if not all your doors, most windows, something I always look at. Did you clip your corners so players can move smoothly?

Nice colors, details, and I like the light shine coming through the windows.

One suggestion is finding a new tree, that tree looks awful. Is it a default HL2 prop? Maybe find a custom one, a lot of valve trees are really ugly. Try adding some grass decos, it will help make the warehouse area look more abandoned.

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