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Towards the end and I was genuinely really exicted about what is actually going on with Origin...

..only to be left disappointed.

Having played it on the near low settings I can't really comment on the visuals since I'll never get it looking as good as most of you lot (at least not on my current machine). The general level design of the game mostly leaves a lot to be desired of, not because of the somewhat generic locations but mainly as there's hardly any detail in the design and sometimes (dare I say it) feels like the design of an amateur level designer releasing a map pack.

Forgetting all about that, the combat is well.. amazing. I've not played a FPS with combat so good, the AI is top notch although not without it's flaws, the slow-mo effect isn't a patch on Max Payne but it works well in conjuction with tackling multiple foes, especially necessary against the mechs and the ninja things! The weapons are pretty standard and most of the time I only needed to stick with the machinegun, mp5 and akimbo pistols, they also had a nasty habbit of falling through the floor when you changed over, which wasn't very good.

I genuinely jumped a few times (ie when Alma comes at you in the vent and when you reach the bottom of a ladder to see fettel standing next to you, but the game wasn't all that scary (I think the only time I was kinda scared was when Alma's corpse came at me near the end :oops: )

The ending was.. like I mentioned before, very disappointing. Sure the nuclear explosion was amazing, but afterwards I was expecting more. When I heard that bump on the chopper I knew it was Alma and I was expecting the final boss... and then she appears and it's all black. Obviously opens it up for a sequel I suppose but still.

From what I can gather at the end you were one of the first prototypes from the origin projects born from Alma along with Fettel. Alma was Wade's other daughter and they killed her off when they realised she was a danger to the project by influencing a 10 year old Fettel to commit murder. I guess that Fettel's reasons for invading the ATC corperation was to take revenge on the people that created him and thus when he'd killed Alice he knew he had nothing to live for and waited to be killed and released from his misery.

I've got some screens I took (after I worked out that F8 was the screenshot button about three quarters of the way into the game :roll: )

I forgot to mention that you should post your own opinions too!

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Really enjoyed the game, intense to the end. I found the ending satisfying. The pacing and scripting really really shine all the way through.

The major complaint about the game has been the level design--I would have appreciated more diverse environments too but what they put forward was pretty good IMO. The team has shown they can do a variety of beautiful and exotic settings with the NOLF games, so it's clear that it was a deliberate choice to limit the number and diversity of environments. In fact FEAR's seemingly bland levels really brought focus to the core of the game which was the suspense and the firefights. This isn't a game where they want you to stop and stare at the scenery, they want you to keep moving and maintain the pace of the game.

Especially considering there were only like three or four major settings they did a remarkable job of recycling art in interesting ways--the areas didn't feel overly repetetive and didn't get dull. Probably a similar or greater amount of art time was spent on Doom 3 which was so poorly paced and repetetive it was a chore to play.

TBH Monolith is one of the top companies I'd like to work for based on their body of work.

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