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Wha'd ya Gets :)


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I was totally spoilt this year, probably due to the fact my sister is away from home and so wasn't really in the usual present recieving bracket. Anyhow, I got a complete surprise in the form of a lovely new snowboard; a 156 Plamer Factor for those in the know...


A season or two old I think but it must be said, I love it. I used to ride a 151 Forum DS which had a similarly playful flex to it and was also distinctively orange and black, so this is something both new and nostalgic which works wonders for me :) Also got a pair of new Electric snowboarding goggles - first DECENT pair of goggles I've ever had which is a nice change - lovely new Logitech PC peripherals in the form of the G15 keyboard and MX1000 mouse, NFS: Most Wanted on the Xbox, the Infernal Affairs trilogy on DVD, and a few other bits and bobs. Very generous relatives this year, and I couldn't afford to return the favour in anywhere near as sizeable style. Still, had a nice day chilling with both family and friends, and couldn't ask for anything more :)

Oh and that Vivi doll is awesome - wonderful gift that :D

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mmm xbox 360 I wish :)

I just got 200$ cash plus a lot of other crap gift cards and such. Wasn't a big year but I dont mind. I just want to start saving for an Ipod so I can back up and transfer data between school and class and listen to music. Maybe in January. I got to spend time with my brother Caleb and that was good enough :)

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I didn't get anything in particular. I got some smaller things such as limited edition extra-strong teabags (I do love my tea!) and whatnot, but the majority of it was just offerings of money. My immediate family didn't shell out much because as well as getting older, the keyboard that I got for my birthday in June entailed a significant sum of money on their part and as such I wouldn't expect anything more anyway.

My little sister has started to twig about the infeasibility of Santa though. :((((((

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