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The root of all evil: the human being itself?


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Hey there!

As a regular human, I, like many others, often think about problems in our world, what might have caused them and how to solve them.

Many people end up with the 'root of all evil'. This thing is supposed to be the cause for our world being so shitty.

But what is the root of all evil?

Is it money? Nope.

Is it religion? Neigh.

Illegal immigrants? No, you stupe!

The illuminati? Oh, please...

Ok, let's start with explaining why the thing mentioned above aren't the root of all evil:

1st: Money.

Money did emerge, because a universal trading-good was needed. One that has the same value to everybody, one that doesn't decay, one that can be easily taken along.

So infact money was a great invetion. The potter no longer had to trade jars for some bread. The farmer didn't have to carry a sack of potatoes to the market place, to buy some porno-mags. etc.

Yet money had a drawback: you can stockpile it. Then, when you have a rather large amount of money, you can charge even more money, for lending others a few dimes. That way you can grow your money without doing anything for it. (Aka banking.)

As you can see, money is only evil, if humans use it for doing evil.

2nd. Religion.

Several billion people in this world believe in something supernatural. Something that guides their way and something that has a plan for all of us. Usually these things are called gods. By praying to your gods, or by bringing sacrifices, you can becalm these gods, so they might help you in some way. In general religious people gain their accord from this.

Religion, very often in the history of mankind, brought people together and, by combining their strength, achieved great deeds.

But, probably even more often, religion has caused conflict, destruction and despair. Most wars between humans have been fought between different religions. Also people that belong to a certain religion, often try to convince others of it, usually by all means.

But in the end, it's the human being that makes religion good or bad.

3rd. Illegal immigrants.

This topic is a very explosive one. You can name however you want, but in the end, it's just racism and chauvinism.

Not long ago, many people in germany believed that, by eradicating those that are not 'german' (the criteria that made you german don't matter), they could create a place for them to live in peace, autarkic, without any problems.

Sixty years later, mankind has learnt from their faults and doesn't do such crap again ... far wrong!

On tv in the USA, you still see mostly blacks, commiting crimes. In Paris, the people in the ghettos are rioting, because they still don't have equal perspectives and chances as those from higher classes. In germany we still have a political party that supports national-socialistic thought and still so many retards follow them. (There's so much more, but let's stop here.)

Apparently there's more places where 'illegal immigrants' can come from than where they can immigrate to.

In the end it just depends on where you go and on which people you ask about it.

4th: The illuminati.


I have an open ear for all conspiracy theories that survied long enough to reach even me. But as long as I don't hear more than 'Ook! There's the symbol of the illuminati on the $1 bill.', I won't spend my time with it.

So where do we end up?

The human being.

We're the result of [insertverylargenumber] of experiments. The crown of evolution. The most powerful race on earth.

We're so powerful, we can even destroy our own anthroposphere. Kewl, eh?

Some facts from our current world:

A: Whenever a large concern is firing thousands of employees, even though they made giant profits, a human being or a small group of them is responsible for it.

B: Whenever a gaggle of soldiers invades a foreign country, a human being commanded them to do so.

C: Whenever a government authorizes large agrarian companies to grow genetically engineered plants, a human being has be convinced that this was a good decision.

It seem like some very human features are causing us to behave like this:

A: The leaders of the concern aim for even more profit. So they let those that weren't fired, do the work of those that were fired. Might work a few times, but sooner or later, it's all going to implode.

Human being aren't able to think ahead. If their deeds quickly result in what they aimed for, they consider them to be good ones. Nobody cares if years later, these deeds cause ten times more trouble.

B: The soldiers are attacking the foreign country in the name of their own country. They are doing good for their own people. They are bringing their superior way of life to those uncivilized motherfuckers!

Now try to imagine you're the country being invaded. All that you have put your efforts in, your beliefs, your culture, your way of life is being declared as useless. Your entire life's work to that day has no value anymore.

Humans aren't able to to put oneself in someone else's position. They cannot assess what their deeds are doing to others.

C: Being a politician is such a hard job. You must represent the people. You must make political decisions. You must rule a giant country. This too much. So let's rely on some people that are close to us anyway and let them do a part of the job.

Humans are lazy. They hate to make decisions, they hate being forced to find a solution for their problems. It's so much easier to just do what you're told to. Even better: if what you did, turned out to be crap, you aren't responsible, because you were told to do so.

We call this lobbying

So let's sum it up:

Root of all evil #1: Humans cannot think ahead.

Root of all evil #2: Humans cannot put themselves in someone else's position.

Root of all evil #3: Humans like being told what to do.

Well, I reckon that all problems affecting the human world, can be reduced to one or several of these.

"OMG! If this is true, we're all fucked. There's no way out of this shit. I'm gone killing myself."


Luckily we're living in 'democratic' countries. (I'm just assuming this now.)

You can use these human flaws to turn in, before this world goes to hell in a handbasket.

The only thing that politicians are interested in, is being voted for again.

Usually one politician in the parliament is representing a rather large group of people. (In germany we have ~600 politicians in the parliament for ~80mio. voters.)

If there's something that you want to be changed, start a petition. Write a letter to your representative threatening to withdraw these votes on the next election, unless he does something against the thing that pisses you off. Get as many people singing for it as possible. Then send it to him.

And believe me, the government is still much more powerful than economy, or religion, or evil martians, trying to subjugate the earth.

All you have to overcome is their lazyness.

So, if there's something that stinks, do something about it!!!

Well, that's it. :)

Your thoughts, please.

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