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Frontline Force: Classic -- needs Modeler and AI programer


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Originaly developed by Adrian Finol of VALVe Software, Frontline Force is now moving to the Source Engine!

"Frontline Force: Classic" which has a stable and talented development team, has a couple of positions we would really like to fill to help us meet our release date a bit faster! As of now we are about 70% completed with these positions needed asap.

-- Character Modeler / Skinner (Male and Female players)

XSI or 3ds Max required, & a very good knowlege of the HL2 SDK as far as compiling and testing your work. We have some characters created and fully animated, so the right person could take off running!

-- AI Programmer / Bot "fixerupper"

We need some real help coding & animating a NPC type bot which has a full charcter model created. Visual C++ .net required, knowlege of HL2 SDK with the ability to work with 3 other programmers in a professional manor.

Compensation possible at completion of MOD, recognition is inevitable! (we have friends)

Contact SunSpot or visit our website at


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