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What toothpaste are you using?

Taylor Swift

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Hello mapcore.

I just got this idea on my mind when I was sitting on my toilet sink in my bathroom this morning before school. What toothpaste are you using? And how many times have you had any holes in your teeth ever? Do you like to go to the dentist or do you not brush your teeth?

Some of the questions doesnt have to be answered about your personal life but as all people are using toothpaste i want to know what type and mark.

Lets start with me

I am using actually pepsodent flour paste.


And totally i have had about 4 holes in my life, 2 of them wasnt big holes but it did really hurt to eat food.

I hate to go to the dentist, he scares me to death, all the drills, all the things there and the dentist itself makes me wanna run for my life from the hospital. But actually after x-ray i feel me more calm.

I brush my teeth everyday, 2 times per day 1 at the morning and 1 at night. If i forget to do that i do it on the next morning.

How do you do?

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