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New site for me as well!! :D


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Got inspired by Mazzle to finish my first php/mysql site.

It has taken a good while to create the newssystem with comments etc. But it was fun as hell and I have a loooot of stuff to learn still. At least the functions added for now should work fine :)

I will continue to try to add cool stuff when I learn them.

As you will probably see the graphics aren't too cool right now :P

I haven't spent any time on that really except getting it just clean at the moment. The important thing was to get the system working first.

So expect updates on that as well soon.

URL (gogog! abuse the comments!!! (or no.. don't)):


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I like it - nice and simple, and quick loading. Obviously it could use a few graphics - most notably a header to fill in that rather odd looking header space - but as you say these things are coming. Don't mean to be a prick or anything, but just thought I'd point out that you should say "so and so works for so and so", as opposed to "so and so works on so and so" when talking about a person working at a company :)

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No about page or resume or so ?:)

Dont know what youre planning on doing with the pics but you should do something with them :)

When you open them they simply open in a new white IE window, doesnt present nice + pics are rather small + a lot of pics are dark, a dark cave/building/etc, whatever. Dark things dont work out well on white backgrounds, cant see anything anymore

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