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Help my hd got an reading error

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This is my problem.

When I bought my pc i bought it with 2 NTFS harddrives eachone on 160 gig correctly.

I got my pc with installed windows .. this means that they who sells the pc allready does that

SO my problem is:

one of the HD's is was and are empty before the format

I formatted the pc on harddrive 1 because i didnt want more viruses and spyware as I had, and the old windows + some programs wich were about 14. gig should be gone after the reinstall but now my hd shows 20 gig! And windows itself takes 2 gig.. And i got no programs since i just got windows so! why the fuck is it taking space in hd now?

Is it reading error in defragment tools that shows that it's 84 % used disk space usage. Man, I know, windows only takes 2 gig and It shows that i got 20gig of nowhere!


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