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[IDF]-Mod for Halflife 2 is searching for members

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We the idf-mod team are searching

for new members in the categories of:

3d Artists for Map Models.

( Creating model, unwarp them, texture them, animate them and

Convert them to hl2 [not required that somebody can do all the jobs

but we need somebody for each job])

3d Artist for Maps itself.

2d Artists for creating the hud and other 2d stuff.

2d Artists for creating Textures.

Sound Engeneering for sounds of weapons or other ambient sounds.

Ok now something about IDF.

IDF is Halflife2 Singleplayer modification that take place in the near future.

Its about the year 2030 and some aliens are trying to infiltrate the earth

an use it as a farm for their energy source called vril. IDF is a

Sciencefiction mod that takes place on the earth. Our Story is written

down completely in english and we have a clear and voluminous concept.

We are planning and working on the Mod since 2002 or earlier and

we are planning two parts of the mod and the second chapter is done after

releasing the first chapter.

IDF is a mod project so i hope its self-evident that its voluntary and not

payed anything for it.

Our website is completly sponsored by our hoster and the link is


If you are interessted now and want to see some pictures of our work

we done since now you can visit http://media.idf-mod.de/public/thrillhouse/mapcore/ .

If you are now interested anymore you can send me a e-mail with

your application to thrillhouse@idf-mod.de .

We are searching particularly for somebody who is able to convert

models from 3d Studio Max to Half-Life2.

I want to add that i had enough applications from people who talked

much about what they are doing and what they are able to do and

then after 4 days they gone. So I am searching only for people who

really will spend their sparetime for idf and not the people who

promising much and doing nothing.

I am looking forward to hear from you.



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looks interesting. I like your tank

I think it looks very interesting, the site was very well designed... But before I even consider a mod theres a few things i need to go over on my checklist;

1, Do you have a coder? Is he good and does he have a life? Yes, thats a serious question, I'd rather have a noob coder with no life than the most pro NASA jerk ever who only spares the mod 3 minutes per week.

2, Do you have animators? And have they produced any work that you have witnessed?

3, Do you have any texture artists and prop modelers (i saw you requested some)?

4, How many people do you have filling the jobs above?

Writing a game document doesnt cost much skills, thats why i ask if you actually have anything steadfast. A site that doesnt have a news section and just weapons models to show for makes warning lamps in my head go wild...

I wish you good luck and good hunting :]

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Yeah we have a coder.

Its me. And please do not ask if i am good enough because

i think i can not answer this question objective.

I only can say that i study computer science in germany in the 3rd

semester. I am 22 and began with coding c++ in 1999. I have a life

and at the moment i have less time than i want to spend for the project.

but i think about 2 hours a day under the week is not the problem.

We had a very talented modler who was able to animate and skin

the models. But he ran out of time because he has to work a lot

for the school and now he is only a freelancer who can do perhaps

a concept art or something like that.

We planed a huge modification but we realised that

we are not able to do so much work. Many members has gone and

now our team is about 6 people in the categories of mapping,

modeling, sound compinist, webmaster and coder.

We cut our old mod into two pieces and we will see if we

do the second chapter after chapter 1.

Thats why i created this thread. We are searching not only for one

person who helps us. We are searching for half of the team because

we are restarting this mod after few weeks.

Thats what we call the chicken and egg problem.

No Modlers will come without any animators and the

animator do not come without any modlers.

So if nobody does the first step we will fail.

Cu Thrillhouse

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