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A thought acured to me (i've thought of this before), but even more so now. I think it would be great to do something with the mapcore site besides forums.

- Purhaps reviews of mods and games.

- Downloadable maps from the mapcore community and reviews on those by say 4 respectable people who can make a educated opinion.

- Maybe a decent help center and tut center to help out people, the only problem is that it attracts nubs.

Just an idea, I wouldn't mind putting some time into it. Besides there's loads of people who know how to design websites well, and I know a little. And art I doubt would be a problem. Think if it as a forum filter, all the best stuff becomes available on the main page.

- Ewok

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Last time this happened, power struggles happened, people became jackasses and it just did not work.

What you suggest has happened twice already: First when Mapcore originally started (that was the whole idea behind) and Secondly a year or two later. The first ideration of Mapcore lasted a good 4-5 months before inevitably crumbling and falling apart. The Second Coming of Mapcore just fall on its face when the Starting Gun Fired and was never able to get back on its feet. That is why we just have the Channel and until recently these forums.

I hardly see people helping when I have been in the channel. I know there a few people that try to help, but I can recount numberous times when someone asking a question is called a "fag0ty n00b" or is pointed into the Direction of Goatse instead of helpful tutorials.

A lot of the tutorials we would have on this site would have already been covered on numberous other sites (BeyondUnreal for Unreal and Loads of other HL sites for Half-Life).

Its a good idea, but in the long run it would never work since people are lazy.

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