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After I got my 360 I've just been itching to get a HDTV, but I've come to the conclussion that I'll wait, and instead get a new monitor.

Im pretty much set on getting a Dell Ultrasharp 2405FPW 24″ widescreen LCD Flat Panel Monitor. However I'd like to hear if any of you got one, of if you have some other ideas for good monitors that dont cost like hell.

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lol....we've got HDTV, a 42" Panasonic plasma model (forget the model number and exact specs) but it runs HD compatible games on PS2 and Xbox really well. So much nicer than on my standard 27" tube. Sad thing is I have no X360 at home yet. Bah!!! (how many of us actually have a 360 at home besides the Mazzlenator?)

But I gotta check through the settings and specs, see if it can do 720p and at least 1080i....all X360 games are required to do 720p at minimum so if ur gonna buy a new HDTV, definitely make sure it can do 720p and not just 480p like some older HD TVs.

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