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Splinter Cell: Double Agent


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Ok so before you kick me in the balls, I know this is a mother of a bump but I did a quick search and this came up as being the newest thread for SC:DA.

So I finally bought the game after seeing it for 15 quid in my local (and lame) game shop (side note: I tried to buy GRAW too but they only had the case, not the disc, this is the same shop that had the disc but not the case for Doom 3 <_<). I haven't played a Ubisoft game in like, ages, and I really loved the first splinter cell but not so much PT and never bothered with CT based solely on how weak PT was.


After freeing up 10 gigs (10!!) so I could install the game I loaded it up, and that's where the problems started. The training mission bugged out on me, the loading got stuck in a loop and the graphics glitched. A quick restart of the game and things seemed to work a little better.

The game is really really awesome (if you can look past the slightly random storyline), so many nice new features and improvements on the Fisher character. Some of the shaders and particles seemed to give my PC a really hard time though, the snow and smoke is a real killer but luckily I got past the snow level pretty quickly.

Then it started to seem like the port from console to PC had gone badly, cracking safes for instance relies heavily on the analogue stick of the 360, but using the WASD keys (and the mouse wheel to control your speed) seems to make for a really buggy system when it comes to the safes. I get repeatedly stuck in places because the game requires you to do something with a safe (or some other analogue task) and you can't do it!

I heard that the port was handed over to some other branch of ubisoft in asia, I don't know if this is true but they did a really horrible hack job of it.

Has anyone else experienced these problems, has anyone else found any solutions? Has anyone had experience of game ports (from console to PC or vice versa) turning the game into a buggy pile of crap or is this a lone incident? (I get the feeling it isn't :P)

I'm just interested to know how the whole porting thing works, if there's any other cases of this kind of thing happening to any of you or your companies, and why do developers let ports go out, apparently, untested?

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the PC version sucks. Its buggy as hell and unplayable.

The Xbox 360 version is great, it puts on a completely new style into splinter cell thats different but welcome. And it doesnt crash or have nearly any bugs.

The Xbox, GC, and PS2 versions are also great because they are completely different games. The may not look as good, but they are just as fun to play because they reuse the gameplay of CT that worked very well.

My recommendation, get the 360 and Xbox versions. They are both amazing games. Dont go anywhere near the PC version, because its just a port of the 360 version with a thousand bugs added to it.

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the PC version sucks. Its buggy as hell and unplayable.
I kinda feel that every single game from UBI (with a TC logo on it) for PC is waaay to buggy and very dully since it's probably just a port. Vegas is a great example of how to kill a fanbase with a poor port.
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That's what I've read in a couple of reviews and all over the ubisoft forums; seems like people are really pissed that ubisoft did such a poor job of porting over a game that owes its fame to the PC. And there's a hell of a lot of bugs and they are all down to a shoddy port, I still can't believe they were in such a rush to get the game out that they didn't test it properly; is this down to time constraints, budget, or just apathy? I would really love to know because it's shocking that people have to pay for something in it's alpha stages :P

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