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Splinter Cell: Double Agent


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Klein, if you are working on this game in any way, shape, or form, you are my new hero.


check out the trailer. I want this game NOW!!! SC = best game series. Ever.

If I told you that I worked on the 3rd Splinter Cell, can I be your hero? :oops:

Ok.. perhaps not.. but although I'm not involved on the 4th one, I am interested in seeing what they pull off with this one.

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After SC 1 I have been done with the games, it was ok, but it wasn't THAT good. Watched my cousing play the Pandora Tomorrow and thought meh.

It's like WW2 games, you can only do so many interesting games, but eventually, you are running cicrles.

They should wait for some time before making a new version of the game, let other bring new ideas to the genre and then, top everything off, just like what the first one did.

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Pandora Tomorrow multiplayer was something real special and has to be played between 4 reasonably experienced players to get the most out of, though it's single player campaign never really lived up to the first game in my opinion. I've yet to play Chaos Theory, but as it's only £5 in Game's deal of the day today, I may take advantage. New one certainly sounds interesting - they needed to do something different really and this sounds like one way to go about it. Does sound a bit Jack Bauer, but I doubt that is a bad thing :)

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Honestly I loved Pandora Tomorrow...just as much as i loved the first Splinter Cell.

But the good news ends there...i have yet to play Chaos Theory!!! (Only played the first level...er...the demo) Been so busy I haven't had time to get through a lot of games. I'm only now getting through God of War (which forced me to dust off the PS2)

I think over the holidays I will finish Chaos Theory on the ol Xbox just so I can stay up to speed with the series before I get to Double Agent...when that's eventually released in 06.

Why do I share all this story? Because Splinter Cell owns. yeah, maybe some people are getting tired of it, but not me. I should have finished CT months ago but RL got in the way (barely played any games for a while).


So as far as Sam Fisher going a little Jack Bauer, I say good times. 24 OWNS!!! I love the Jack Bauer type of character.


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