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Rockstar/Take2 develop harmless non-violent game for all


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maybe we need a "gift exchange" mod of Stacker.

You go around exchanging gifts with people (or just "giving" gifts) a la a first person shooter.

- You have different "gift devices" for various purposes

- You have a stocking stuffer devices for small gifts

- You have an apparrel (sp) device for giving socks, ties, shirts etc.

- You have an electronics/gadgets device to give out cool gifts etc.

- "Enemies" would be people in the community you have to give gifts to before they start complaining.

Sort of like when Itch & Scratchy show temporarily changed to a cartoon about loving and sharing after Marge got the community riled up over cartoon violence. "Love and share, love and love and share! Love Love Love! Share Share Share! The Itchy and Scratchy showwwww!"

yada yada, etc, and so forth, as such, in this vein, ....

even it if behaves exactly like a first person shooter except with gifts instead of guns and loved ones instead of monster, zombies, terrorists, or Nazis, it would still be the same functionality.

Maybe if Rockstar made that kind of game people might relax and Jack Thompson would say "Uh...um.........well that game....uh......um....yeah..."

(oh noes! I've made this Political!!!)

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